What Makes PDA the RDS Experts?

The RDS Program is All That We Do.

Part D Advisors (PDA) was founded in early 2005 after the launch of the Retiree Drug Subsidy program. Our Board of Directors, four longstanding experts in the fields of data management, pharmacy benefits, healthcare consulting and federal health regulations, were seeking to use their industry knowledge and relations to assist Plan Sponsors with expertly navigating all aspects of Medicare’s Retiree Drug Subsidy Program from beginning to end. As the nation’s first Retiree Drug Subsidy Specialty vendor, PDA crafted both a unique process and propriety software in direct alignment with the RDS program requirements that we are constantly improving to ensure a smooth and successful Retiree Drug Subsidy (reopening or otherwise) application from start to finish.

Today, PDA is the Retiree Drug Subsidy program industry leader, RDS experts boasting an experienced team of Retiree Drug Subsidy Specialists. Our Account Managers and Business Analysts have made it their sole mission to make the Retiree Drug Subsidy program understandable, efficient and profitable for our clients. Let PDA’s RDS experts provide all the necessary services for your retiree health plan and relieve you of the burden of coordinating multiple service providers and the risk of miscommunications, incompatibility, and other headaches.

Our Unmatched Experience, Track Record & Methodology

PDA’s process is the gold standard in RDS administration; combining expert claims aggregation, one-of-a-kind claim matching algorithms with software built specifically to maximize member eligibility and our proprietary prescription drug filter. These tools were developed solely for the RDS program and have allowed PDA to increase the subsidy value for our clients on average between 8%-15%, while providing our clients peace of mind that not a dime was left on the table. Additionally, PDA’s services are completely risk-free, which means we aren’t paid if our clients aren’t paid, a testament to our confidence in our process.

Last, but certainly not least, PDA stores all client data used in the Retiree Drug Subsidy application process for the CMS required 6 year term in case of a CMS audit. This data is stored in an auditable format and is backed by PDA audit support, so Plan Sponsors can rest assured they aren’t on their own if the CMS comes knocking.

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Our Unparalleled Team of RDS Experts

Part D Advisors was founded with the sole purpose of using our industry expertise and relations to expertly navigate all aspects of Medicare’s RDS Program from beginning to end. Today PDA’s team of RDS experts consists of twenty employees; Account Managers, Business Analysts, and Executive Officers focused on simplifying and streaming the Retiree Drug Subsidy program for our clients.

How our RDS experts Do what they Do

Executive Team RDS-Experts-Executives
The founding of PDA centered around three main goals; to create the best subsidy management system in the country, to keep our clients protected in the event of an audit and to provide the best customer experience possible. These goals wouldn’t be possible without leading an outstanding team of client service people, data management staff and software & hardware architects. The executive team has only one goal: letting our great team do outstanding work for our customers.
Client Services Client Services Reopening and Ongoing Retiree Drug Subsidy Specialists
The Client Services Department provides excellent customer service to our clients while managing their participation in the RDS program. We have been providing RDS services since the inception of the program in 2005 and remain on the cutting edge of new RDS requirements and opportunities. We will take on the roles of RDS Account Managers, Designees and/or Cost Reporters to guide our clients through the RDS program from start to finish. Our staff benefits from extensive experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries prior to coming to PDA which gives us a unique appreciation for the challenges a program like the RDS poses for some Plan Sponsors. PDA’s proprietary software is focused on maximizing subsidy dollars and preparing our clients for any potential CMS audit and most importantly, the Client Services Department strives to ensure the client always feels comfortable and in control of the process. While PDA is happy to complete as much of the application as possible without client involvement, ultimately, what the client wants is what they get. We’re no strangers to weekly update calls and emails and will customize our process to suit your needs.
Business Analytics Team Retiree Drug Subsidy Specialists Business Analysts
The Business Analytics team at Part D Advisors serves as the hub between the client services department and the development team, helping our developers to design the software and technology that will best support the client services team to effectively utilize these proprietary tools to maximize a client’s subsidy. However, the main role of the Business Analytics team is to cultivate strong relationships with client data vendors to ensure PDA gets the most exhaustive and accurate member claims data possible with minimal impact on the client. These enduring relationships also greatly enhance the experience of PDA’s newest clients by helping them avoid the hassle of collecting the data on their own, especially in cases where a Plan Sponsor has switched vendors. Additionally, the quality and assurance checks conducted by the Business Analytics team serve as one of PDA’s multiple safeguards to ensure that client payment requests are accurate. By pairing Business Analysts with Account Managers from our Client Services team, PDA aims to provide each and every client with their own “team” dedicated to maximizing their subsidy dollars while maintaining RDS program compliance and prepared for an audit.
Business ProcessesRetiree Drug Subsidy Specialists IT Infrastructure
The Business Processes department is responsible for both the management of PDA’s key accounts and for our software development and infrastructure resources. The team is expected to provide a high level of analysis, interpretation, and subject matter expertise to projects that require extensive data gathering from a variety of vendors and sources and handles specific assignments for essential data mining, using and designing special database queries within SQL to supplement our custom software and standard processes. Creates specific tools and custom queries that can manage and evaluate historical data sets, identifying patterns and trends that can assist Business Analysis and Client Services in their investigations and preparations of customer filings. In addition to working with PDA’s largest accounts, they are expected to provide regular updates and effective recommendations to further assist in the strategic direction of IT development and infrastructure support.
National Sales Retiree Drug Subsidy Specialists National Sales
The National Sales team at Part D Advisors is much more than cold calls and handshakes. They work tirelessly nationwide with our partners and future clients to increase understanding of the Retiree Drug Subsidy and the PDA opportunity. By specializing in creating custom presentations and materials tailored to your group’s needs, you can rest assured that PDA understands the unique challenges faced by you and each of the other different types of plan sponsors. Our experience working with many types of plan sponsors gives our sales force all the background they need to best position your group to find additional subsidy dollars. Additionally, after a client comes on board, they collaborate with the Implementation Team to make the project commencement smooth and timely.